Multipurpose Tailwind CSS Admin Template

Modern, light weight, developer friendly, Highly customizable Multipurpose Tailwind CSS Admin Template built with

Built with Tailwind css

I18n Multilingual Support

Lifetime Free Updates

Easy to use and Clean code

and many more...

Vristo – Multipurpose Tailwind CSS Admin Template

Vristo is an admin dashboard template built with Tailwind CSS, .

Design, Customize and Manage Your Web App with Ease - Vristo focuses on the ease of use and flexibility of the Multipurpose Tailwind CSS Admin Template. With its intuitive design, customizable components, and powerful management tools, this template makes it easy to create and manage complex web applications with minimal effort





Clean Code and Modern Responsive demos

Our Admin template contains collection of well-designed demos that will save your lot of time and effort by not having to start from scratch.

Save your time and money by choosing VRISTO for your website.

Different Layouts

Multi Languages

Pages & Components


Top 9+ Predefined Apps


Realtime Chat App - Instant messaging and communication platform for fast and secure data transmission

A dynamic tool that enables you two create Messaging, Calling and Video chat applications.

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Mailbox App - Communicate more effectively and efficiently with intuitive email organization and management features in a Mailbox app.

Orgainze, Save and Arrange your mails with mailbox application.

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Todo List

Todo List App - Stay organized and increase your productivity with a simple and intuitive task management tool.

Manage and Organize your tasks for everyday use and keep track of your daily tasks, deadlines, and goals with a feature-rich Todo List app..

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Notes app - Create and manage your notes, lists, and reminders in one place with a feature-rich notes app

A simple yet useful notes application for creating Reminders, Memos, Checklist etc.

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Scrumboard APP - Visualize and manage your team's workflow with a flexible and collaborative project management tool.

Scrumboard helps in assigining task to your team and checking their progress.

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Contacts App - Manage and organize your contacts in one place with a simple and intuitive contact management tool.

Create and Manage your Customers/Team address book with ease.

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Invoice App - Create and manage professional invoices and billing statements with a simple and intuitive invoicing tool.

Fast and Responsive application for managing all invoices at one place.

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Calendar App - Plan and organize your schedule with a simple and intuitive calendar tool.

Keep track of your appointments, events, and deadlines with a feature-rich calendar app.

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User Profile

User Profile App - Create and manage your user profile and preferences in one place with a simple and intuitive user management tool.

Customize your user settings and preferences for a more personalized and efficient user experience.

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